5 thoughts on “Welcome to our website!”

  1. Thanks for allowing the post and for hosting the 2016 GN Meet.
    There still seems to be no “contact us” available.
    We would like to arrange our room for the GN Meet.
    Thanks kindly

  2. Raymond,

    We will be posting documents pertaining to the Grand National very soon. Please check back shortly.

    – Susquehannock Region

  3. I want to thank you for the great job in hosting the grand nationals this past weekend. I have been a aaca member for a long time and this was the BEST meet I ever attended. Well organized, friendly people, great place to hold a show as large as it was. All the food was priced right, Not like other venues when they have you captive the prices go sky high.
    I had family and friends also come to the show and everyone was just amazed as smoothly everything went. I could go on and on but again Thank You

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